About Me

vivianI’m Vivian. I’m 31 and am a teacher. I love reading, writing, yoga, d.i.y., herbal tea, visual art, music, nature, cooking, traveling, volunteering, and tutoring, among other things. I have a twisted work history in health, non-profits, and music which have all contributed to who I am and what I value (on the flip side, you could argue that who I am led me to all of these places, especially for the former two). I have landed myself in a career I can see myself loving and staying in for a long time.

Now that I have my career puzzle mostly figured out, I am left with other unsolved puzzles. These include ones of personal life, health, etc. This blog was created to help me solve the riddles the best I can and to maybe even help others solve their own puzzles in the process.


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