Food used to be so simple for me. I could really eat anything my little heart desired, and I never had to worry about a single thing. During my mid-twenties, however, food become a source of real anxiety. Once I realized how certain foods negatively affected my quality of life, I could no longer enjoy food freely like I used to. What’s worse is that it was not always clear which foods were the culprits. Blood tests allowed me to identify some villains at one time, but I knew other foods outside that small list were also wreaking havoc on my system… and I couldn’t figure out which ones were responsible! It was like a serial arsonist on the loose!

Home-made vegan sushi
Home-made vegan sushi I decided to make randomly one day

I would not say, five years later, that I am an expert in understanding my food intolerances completely. I would say I know a lot, but that I am still trying to piece together the random bits of knowledge I have floating around in my head. Nutrition is one of the trickiest, most complex areas I have ever tried to understand. The concept that took me a while to wrap my head around was that “healthy” does not have the same meaning for every person. Avocados are healthy. Well, tell that to a person who has a food intolerance to avocados! Tell someone who has irritable bowel syndrome that apples are good for you. Watch them laugh in your face. Suddenly something you thought all your life was so good for you isn’t quite so good, and can even be bad. Another layer of confusion when it comes to health is how quickly the media changes its perception of certain foods. One day eggs are awful for you, and the next day, they are considered a healthy staple. Now which one is it?

In this section, I am going to document different findings I come across that involve food. My hope is that if it helps me, it will help others better understand their own diet dilemmas.


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